Top 10 Best Performances by Indian Batsmen in Overseas Test


1. Sunil Gavaskar, 221 Vs England, The Oval, 1979

Top 10 Best Performances By Indian Batsmen in Overseas TestAt the top of the list is the original little master, Sunil Gavaskar for his knock of 221 in one of the greatest test of all-time. In the 4th innings, India were set an improbable target of 438. Sunil Gavaskar it seemed, had other plans. Teaming up with Chauhan for a 213 run partnership, Gavaskar played with such precision that was never seen before by an Indian batsman in English Conditions. The test match was one of the most gripping test match ever to be played. With only three balls remaining in the day- all the four possibilities were alive. Although the match eventually ended in a draw with India scoring 429 runs of the 438 required, credit should be given to Mr. Gavaskar to firstly avoid another humiliation at the hands of Englishmen then, for batting with such precision and calculation taking India on the doors of the biggest successful chase in Test. This Knock surely puts rest all the doubts about the best batting performance by an Indian in overseas conditions.