Top 10 Best Performances by Indian Batsmen in Overseas Test


3. Sachin Tendulkar, 114 Vs Australia, Perth, 1992
Top 10 Best Performances By Indian Batsmen in Overseas TestWhen most people worry about their Board exams or why their first Girlfriend duped them, Sachin, barely 19 was on his first trip to Australia. Having come to Australia with a reputation as the next big thing in world cricket, Sachin was to face his toughest test till now. And he surely didn’t disappoint. Having scored a hundred already in the Sydney test, with present Team Director scoring a double hundred, Sachin sure had sent the alarm bell ringing. Perth was expected to be his “Test”, and he passed the test with more admirers than sinners. Many of those who saw the innings are quick to describe it as the best they have ever seen. The fastest pitch of the world, Merv Hughes,Whitney and McDermott to face and still the lad scored a stroke-filled entertaining 114 with a strike rate of over 70, you knew then and there the kid was special.