Top 10 Fastest Bowlers to Take 100 Wickets in Test



1. George Lohmann, England, 100 in 16 matches
Top 10 Fastest Bowlers to Take 100 wickets in testGeorge Alfred Lohmann, one of the best bowlers of swing, sits at the top of our ranking of fastest bowlers to 100 wickets. Bowling just a tad quicker than medium pace, Lohmann could swing it both ways effortlessly. Add to that his robot-like accuracy, Lohmann was a nightmare for the batsmen. The bowler got to 100 wickets in his 16th game, a record still unbroken after more than 100 years. Lohmann got to the milestone in 1896 in 9 years and 241days. He finished with 112 wickets in 18 matches.