Top 10 Greatest Innings in World Cup


1. Kapil Dev (India) – 175* vs Zimbabwe, 1983

top 10 Greatest innings in world cup
Kapil Dev (India) – No.1

There is a reason Kapil Dev is known as the ‘Haryana Hurricane’. He comes and takes away everything with him. One of the best all-rounders Indian cricket has ever seen. Replacement for him has still not been found – had he not been born in the era of the Bothams and Imran Khans he would have been regarded as the best all-rounder of his generation. Kapil’s devils came into the 1983 World Cup expecting nothing, but what happened is history. India was crowned the World Champs for the first time in 1983. India announced its entry into World Cricket with its win against Zimbabwe in the league stages.  Zimbabwe bowlers were threatening enough for the Indian batsmen on a lively pitch, they reduced India to 17/5, at such a stage everyone lost hope. Not even his team-mates thought a recovery was possible. A very well composed and calculated innings by the Indian captain saw him score 175 off 138 balls and rescue India from the misery. After he reached his hundred, he slaughtered the Zimbabwean bowlers who had no answer to his counter attack. Kapil Dev is no. 1 in the list. top 10 greatest innings in world cup.