Top 10 Greatest Innings in World Cup


9. Collis King (West Indies) – 86 vs England, 1979

top 10 Greatest innings in world cup
Collis King (West Indies) – No.9

How often do we see the great king Vivian Richards being overshadowed by any other batsman ? Not often. But that was exactly what happened in the 1979 World Cup final against England. The defending champions West Indies were in the backfoot early on when they were reduced to 99/4, but with Vivian Richards still there they had still hope. But then, there was last of the mainstream batsmen Collis King joining him at the other end as well. In what was highly unusual Vivian Richards was made to look pretty ordinary even though Richards made a hundred. In what followed was something that was brutal from Collis King while Vivian Richards was a mere spectator. Vivian Richards had advised him to go easy as there was ample time left. But some people never take advices. They just play their natural game, and thats what Collis King was out there to do. Geoffrey Boycott who had bowled so well until them faced the hard side of bowling to a batsman waiting to explode. He was carted to all parts of the ground and the smirk on Geoffrey’s face had disappeared by then. He deciphered the attack after lunch, smacking Larkins for back to back sixes and with the part timers. But even the England captain knew, no bowler could have stopped him for he was in such devastating knick. By the time England had him hole out in the deep, West Indies knew they had the game. Vivian Richards made 138 but it was Collis King who came in and took charge of the proceedings. He is no.9 in the list of top 10 greatest innings in world cup.