Injured players of FIFA World Cup 2014


Fifa World Cup is the biggest extravagnanza in football, and provides a few lesser known talents to announce their entry into the world of fame. People have made their debut in World Cup football and went on to make history. For a nation, it is a moment of pride to gain entry into the World Cup and win accolades. For the players, it is sometimes about representing your nation and sometimes about recognition. The adrenaline will be high in the World Cup, it happens once in four years. But unfortunately, for those who missed and will be missing the world cup due to injuries and other layoffs will be a moment of despair and agony. Not just the players, even the millions of footy fans around the globe feel disappointed to see their best of best players on the pitch. All the preparations end in agony. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil, precisely seem to be missing more players than the previous years world cups owing to injuries. Before getting into the injuries, let us get into some players who will miss out either on account of their teams missing out qualification or these so called star players being not selected. To start with Gareth Bale, Robert Lewandowski and Zlatan Ibramovich will not be seen for their respective teams Wales, Poland and Sweden have not qualified. This is the hard face of these world cups. Gareth Bale, one of the talismen for Real Madrid’s successful UEFA Champions League campaign will not be seen in this world cup. When you belong to a nation like Wales, you are bound to face these disasters. Sweden and Poland are otherwise, sure contestants for the World Cup but this time they didn’t. Ibramovich is into the mid 30s and this would have been his last for the national team in a major championship. The same happened with one of Europe’s top notch strikers Lewandowski. Destiny has shut their door for the world cup.

Now, there are some players who were left out of their respective World Cup squads. Samir Nasri, Jesus Navas, Carlos Tevez, Philip Coutinho, Landon Donovan were the incredibly unlucky chaps who didn’t make the cut. Apart from Navas and Coutinho, none of the others exclusion is even justified. When you have an array of wingers and mid-fielders in Spain, it is quite imperative that someone like Navas will be left out. Coutinho, also was a victim of talent exodus in Brazil for the mid-field role. But avoiding world class players like Tevez, Donovan, Nasri is not justified on any grounds. Nasri’s girlfriend took to twitter to show the outrage of his exclusion. Now, we completed almost 7 world class players, but still not looked into the injury list!