Top 10 Best Test Bowlers of 2015


3. James Anderson, England
Top 10 Best Test Bowlers of 2015James Anderson is rapidly escalating the stairs to a “Legend” status while still playing the game at the highest level. One of the most underrated bowlers around, Anderson packs a punch with controlled swing complemented by his lively pace. Anderson is efficient with both inswing and outswing, however outswing is perceived to be his more preferred means of troubling the batsman. It can be analyzed by seeing how many right handers he has troubled throughout his career. Anderson had a splendid 2015, becoming the highest wicket taker for his country. He also went past 400 wickets. With some amazing performances in the Ashes, and another stellar performance in UAE, James Anderson is number 3 on our list of Top 10 Best Test Bowlers of 2015.