Top 10 Best Test Bowlers of 2015


7. Josh Hazlewood, Australia
Top 10 Best Test Bowlers of 2015Josh Hazlewood is the newest kid on the block. His career is only a year and half old, but so good has been his ability to adjust and learn from his previous stage at a remarkable age that he finds himself among the best opening bowlers on view. Josh Hazlewood has an easygoing, high-arm action which enables him to extract good carry from the pitch even if there’s not much life in it. He is expensive sometimes, but that’s the part and parcel of being an opening bowler- some days it goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t. Hazlewood has 51 wickets in 11 matches this year, which includes two 5 wicket-hauls. Josh Hazlewood is on number 7 in our list of Top 10 Best Test Bowlers of 2015.