Top 10 Best Test Bowlers of 2015


9. Mitchell Starc, Australia
Top 10 Best Test Bowlers of 2015If I call Mitchell Starc’s year, particularly his year in Test Cricket a zigzag puzzle which he seems to have solved by the end of the year(Let’s just hope that), I wouldn’t be far off the mark. In 2015 we saw both the facets of Mitchell Starc- Why there was so much talk about him being a potential world beater, and also we saw why some people still regard him as an unfinished article. He started the year with India, taking 5 wickets in Sydney where Australia failed to close out the game. He had a good series against West Indies where he took 10 wickets in the two games, including a 4 wicket haul in the first game. The Ashes although highlighted the problem that many were referring to earlier-Starc is a good strike bowler, but he leaks too many runs. He got two fifers in the series, including a 6 for- but it cost him close to 5 runs an over. And that is one of the prime reasons why Australia lost the Ashes. But if the signs from the New Zealand are to be seen, it seems Starc has found the balance between attack and defense.