Top 10 Best Test Bowlers of 2015


1. Ravichandran Ashwin, India
Top 10 Best Test Bowlers of 2015R.Ashwin is the best bowler in Test Cricket for the year 2015. How Ashwin refocused himself and discovered his best line of attack is a story for ages. All the antics, the pause before the ball, the over-use of carom ball, are now subdued and given way for a bowler who trusts his stock ball more than ever and tries to draw out the batsmen and defeat him in flight, trajectory and pace no matter what is the nature of the pitch. No words are enough for how good Ashwin has been this year, he has got wickets on rank turners, and he got them in Sri Lanka, butchering the retirement party of Kumar Sangakkara. Ashwin with his new found approach and confidence, promises many joys in the coming years. Ashwin holds the pole position in our list of Top Best 10 Test Bowler 2015.