Top 10 Ugliest Sledging in Cricket


7. Virender Sehwag (India) vs Michael Clarke (Australia):

Top 10 ugliest sledging in cricketAlthough, Sehwag had nothing to do when Michael Clarke was sledging Sachin Tendulkar. But such is the stature of Sachin, that he enjoys an immortal image in India and the incident is just a mere reflection of the respect that this man garners around the country. It was during 2004, that Viru decided to take on Clarke as Sachin makes his bat talk than his mouth. Michael Clarke went after Tendulkar as soon as he came out to bat “You are too old, forget it. You need to go,” chirped Clarke.

Sehwag took it as an offence , and went up to Clarke and questioned,” What’s your age?” Clarke animatedly replied saying, “23, mate!”

Sehwag then responded, “Do you know he [Tendulkar] has more hundreds in Tests and in ODIs than your age? Try someone your age, mate!”

But the newbie Clarke continued whispering shit to the legend , “Hey you, oldie! You #@$#@$ blah blah!”

But this time like he often does with the opponents bowlers, Sehwag went for the final kill by asking him, “Your friends call you ‘pup’, right?” Clarke replied, “Yeah, mate.” Sehwag shut him up by asking, “Which breed?”.

After which Sachin Tendulkar burst into laughter while Clarke had tasted his own medicine this time around.

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